Wemo Mini Smart Plugs Now Support HomeKit Without a Bridge

Wemo have just issued an update to their iPhone app (version 1.20), that states in the release notes;

“With this app release Wemo now supports Apple HomeKit for Wemo Mini Smart Plugs with no Bridge required! Download the app release, and keep an eye out for an important firmware update that will enable Apple HomeKit support on Wemo mini devices”

So from this, it can be read that although the app is an update in and of itself, the update that is needed for some of their smart plugs is actually in the form of a firmware update that may or may not be issued yet, although one user on Facebook has already confirmed that hisWemo Mini Smart Plug is indeed working without a bridge. This could also indicate that Wemo devices are taking advantage of the recent software authentication route that Apple has issued, allowing companies to do away with the need for a specific MFi chip.

The biggest takeaway from this is that Wemo are even making their bridge unnecessary, at least for the Mini Smart Plugs it would seem.

More info as we get it.

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