Aqara Hub Now Available on AliExpress

The long anticipated HomeKit-compatible Aqara Hub that recently made an appearance on, before abruptly vanishing, has now resurfaced on AliExpress and is currently selling for around £45.00/US$57.00, although the price may vary depending on a variety of factors.

It’s also important to note that whilst the product listing states that it’s the ‘International edition’, it would appear that the store that’s selling the Aqara Hub – Mijia Smarthome Store – offers a choice of different plugs, which can be taken to mean that the unit itself probably comes with a Chinese plug, while the store will provide an adaptor of your choice so that you can use it in your chosen country. This in turn would also suggest that the unit itself is capable of 110-250v, meaning suitable for all territories.

Thanks to Rens Verhoeven on Twitter (@renssiesfor first spotting this item.


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6 thoughts on “Aqara Hub Now Available on AliExpress

  • I wonder if I need to set this up as I am in mainland China like the Xiaomi gateway I have…

    I thought they will have an official US version.

    • There is a US version due, but this is (probably) the Chinese version, that they may supply an adaptor for.

  • This is the China mainland version and only can be used with the Chinese servers.

    Just had a chat with them and there saying that it will work in US or EU but need to change the place to China.

    • Thanks. That the case with the older Xiaomi gateways, which is ok as long as everything is from the same region. All my Aqara stuff is from China already so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Thanks for confirming it.

      I really hate this region setting, remember the region gamingconsole… the Asia always gets more and better games…

      Anyway, what about the sensor? Do I have to buy the US version if I am getting the Aqara hub US version?

      • I don’t know for certain, but despite what I said previously, I wouldn’t think you will have to get US versions of the Aqara sensors, as the Chinese sensors and the US sensors that were listed on amazon were exactly the same model number. However, it’s probably best to confirm with Aqara via their website, or Twitter page to make sure.

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