Ikea Smart Plugs Now Listed on US & UK Websites

After a swift rollout across a few countries in the EU, Ikea are now listing the new Trådfri smart plugs on their US website, although there’s no firm date for availability. These devices are not listed on the Canadian Ikea store, but it’s expected they will be available at some point after the US rollout. Adam M. Jones on Reddit further informed us that they’re also listed on the Ikea’s UK website, although they are currently listed as out of stock, and there are no corresponding images (as of typing the article). The price for the UK plug is £9.00, with the plug & remote package listed as £18.00.

The prices for the Smart plug is ridiculously low, at a mere US$9.99, with a further US$5.00 for the remote control bundle, at US$14.99. It should of course be noted, that whilst these prices are indeed very low, they will only work with your HomeKit or Hue systems with the Trådfri Gateway, which is an extra US$29.99.

Recently, the French version of the Ikea smart plug was also spotted in a French Ikea store, which is much the same as the other EU plug, but with the addition of a third pin.

Looking at the dates, it would seem from previous information that these devices will be released after the necessary update for HomeKit compatibility, although customers would almost certainly have to update their devices once purchasing them.

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