Philips Hue Play Bar Now Available on Amazon (UK)

Two of the more anticipated Philips Hue products this summer – the Outdoor Light Strip and the Play Light Bar, have been available on Pre-order since August, but finally the time has arrived, and the both products, the 2m Light Strip and 5m Light Strip, along with the Hue play Light Bar, in both Black and White options, as well as double packs, and even a single extension pack, are now for sale on

It’s important to note that while you can buy the Hue Play Bar extension kit for less than a single Hue Play Light Bar pack, you don’t actually get the power supply thrown in, so if you’re looking to get a pair of these, the Double pack works out at the same price as buying a single and an extension essentially. The power supply is capable of upto three Play bars in total, so if you want to max out your light fixture with these, the double pack plus extension kit is the way to go.

Some of the other Hue lighting products that were announced at the same time as the aforementioned Strips and Play Bars have yet to become available in some territories, like the USA, but many of them, like the Hue Signe Floor and Table Lights, Hue Sana and Hue Liane are still available to pre-order in the UK store.

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