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Netatmo Welcome Camera

The Netatmo Welcome Camera is an Indoor Smart Home Security Camera that has the things that I look for from an indoor camera. Local storage of the security footage on the Welcome Camera gives me the piece of mind to know that what happens in my house stays in my house. This is the top requirement on my indoor camera list in that I want to ensure that my family has the privacy in their own house and frankly I just don’t trust some of the big companies to not monetize my data. The facial recognition feature on the Netatmo Welcome camera is also one of the my favourite features that really puts this unit above some of its competitors. I don’t get unhelpful notifications like “movement detected” but instead get a photo and the name of the person who’s walking around in my house, or even better, a notification that there’s an unknown person which lets me quickly identify whether or not there’s some action I have to take. My son comes from early from school? No problem. Unknown face walking around in my house at 2am while I’m travelling? Totally different story.