Omna Gains New App Features [updated]

[update] – D-Link have issued another update to their Omna app which seems to have removed these new features. This is possibly due to the fact that these features need a firmware update to the camera itself, which wasn’t issued.

D-Link’s Omna, the very first HomeKit compatible camera on the market, has received a rare update to its companion app today, bringing a couple of welcome new features. The first of these is a new button on the splash screen that allows you to quickly arm or disarm the motion detection on all of your Omna cameras without having to delve into the settings panel. This unfortunately isn’t directly available in the Home app, unlike the recent update to the Aqara Hub, which provides a tile to arm/disarm the Hub’s security alarm, but it’s certainly quicker than the previous method.

The other new feature is in relation to recordings on the Omna camera, called ‘Daily Recap’. This new function “allows you to generate a time-lapse of the whole day’s events automatically”. This function also requires a firmware update to the camera, which as of writing, has not actually been issued.

Other functions mentioned in the update were already added in previous updates (although probably listed here for new owners), namely the option to save your video recordings to your photo album on your iPhone or iPad, and the ability to remotely access the live camera feed, even if you don’t have a Home Hub (Apple TV, iPad, HomePod).

All in all a welcome update to an already great camera.

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