Mi Bedside Lamp 2

  • The 2nd generation bedside lamp achieves uniform illumination. The warm light not only illuminates your bedroom, but also creates an intimate or practical atmosphere.
  • A maximum brightness of 400 lumens, for normal lighting in the bedroom, with a minimum brightness of less than 2 lumens.
  • As a night light, there is a delayed turn off function to help you go to sleep naturally.
  • The lamp casing has a double-layer of diffusion material to help the lamp shine more evenly.
  • The light is capable of colour (16m colours), colour temperature (warm or cool whites) , and brightness adjustments.
  • A variety of intelligent control method are available including Apple HomeKit and Mijia app (Mi Home).
  • You can connect to the Mijia app to achieve remote control and smart home linkage, or use the Xiaomi AI speaker to voice control the lamp.
  • The ‘brightness bar’ is touch sensitive, and will illuminate in the night, so you can see the light and the controls.
  • A short press on the top icon turns the light on, and a long press switches between different modes.
  • To adjust the brightness of the light, simply slide your finger up or down the length of the control strip
  • short press on the power icon turns the light off, whilst a long press will activate the delayed switching off.

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2 thoughts on “Mi Bedside Lamp 2

  • How and where can I buy it from??…I’m from India btw

    • AliExpress is the main store you can buy this lamp from, if they ship to India. I don’t post links to AliExpress stores in the article, due to potential issues with stores that may or may not have a reliable reputation.

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