Aqara to Release Updated Curtain Controller

Aqara are due to release an updated model of their current Curtain controller on 15th March in Mainland China. The current model, simply called the Aqara Curtain Controller, (model number ZNCLDJ11LM), will be replaced by the newer model, the Aqara B1 Curtain Controller. The new model also works with the latest Mijia and Aqara Gateways, being that it’s Zigbee based, and comes with the new model number ZNCLDJ12LM.

Apart from a more sleek looking design, the biggest difference is that the newer model can be powered by main electricity or the included lithium battery pack, that can last for up to 6 months on a single charge. The battery has a rated capacity of 3030mAh.

The controller comes with several features, including Intelligent Temperature Protection to stop the motor overheating, Short Circuit Protection and Input & Output Overload Protection.

The newest model also not only works with HomeKit and Siri, but also Xiaomi’s latest AI Powered Speaker, if you’re in need of a Chinese speaking personal assistant.

The base price for the controller will be 599rmb, although that price will initially be a lot higher if it goes on sale via places like AliExpress or GearBest etc.

More info available HERE

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