Ikea Releases New Dirigera-Compatible Colour Light Strip

A new colour light strip appeared on Ikea’s Nederlands website (as discovered by Redditor u/ManufacturerOk8154), offering Zigbee connectivity, full colour, in a four-metre length that can be cut to size, for only €29,99. Named ORMANÄS, this is pretty cheap for double the length you traditionally get with most companies’ offerings, although as this uses Zigbee, it requires Ikea’s own Dirigera hub, according to the instructions. This means that it’s unclear if it’ll work with their legacy Tradfri hub which many will still own.

Whilst light strips are ‘ten a penny’ so to speak, for users of Ikea’s smart products, this could be quite welcome, not just for the low price, but also the fact that it can be paired to dimming devices, like the company’s own Styrbar remote controller that allows on/off, and colour control, as well as dimming. As you can see from the image above, the LEDs are quite spread apart, which has the effect that you only get 640 lumens, which appears to be for the entire strip, not per metre, so this is definitely for accent lighting only.

As it’s designed to work with the Dirigera hub, which is HomeKit compatible, it’s almost certain that it’ll also be exposed to HomeKit.

One thing the strip does offer is the chance to have the strip placed in temporary locations with the help of a set of wall mounting clips, as opposed to having to commit to a location with the double-sided adhesive that comes on the back of the strip. This will help in some sense to move the light strip if for whatever reason the original placement doesn’t work.

so far, it seems the strip is only available in stores within the Netherlands, although it’s a sure thing it’ll be released in the rest of Europe and beyond before too long.

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  • The strip doesn’t work with the older Tradfri Gateway. They cleary state that in the dutch product description. I’m glad I upgraded not too long ago.

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