Nuki Tease New Lock With Nov. 14th Announcement – Matter, Thread?

With new product releases or announcements occurring sporadically as we get closer to more companies adopting the ‘new’ Matter smart home standard, it now seems that Nuki themselves are planning to make their very own splash on November 14th, which hints at something new from the company, who’s smart lock the Nuki Lock 3.0 (standard and pro versions) has been a popular choice with European smart home users.

I mention Matter at the start, as it would appear the company is headed in this direction, based on two things; First of all, from the prototype video they posted over a year ago, demonstrating their lock working with Matter;

The second indicator of a Matter version of their lock is via a listing for the Nuki Lock Pro (4th Gen) on the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) website that describes the lock as an “Electronic door lock that can be operated manually, via Bluetooth, WiFi and Matter over Thread.”

Whilst the company has relied upon standard HomeKit integration with versions 2.0 and 3.0 of their locks, using Bluetooth for connection, or with WiFi via their own bridge, it would now appear from the listing above that Thread will be at least one of the protocols they’ll be using going forward.

Despite all of this, it would still seem less likely that the new model will come with Apple HomeKey functionality, which is supposed to be something coming to the Matter standard at some point. Whether this hinges on the fact that both this lock and the forthcoming Aqara U200 smart lock are retrofit-type devices is unclear. Still, the latter also doesn’t clearly confirm Apple HomeKey as a selling point, but we remain hopeful.

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