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Waciao IP Cam and More Spotted at CES

There’s always one or two surprises to be found at trade shows like CES, and sometimes the best ones can be found with smaller companies. Late last month (Christmas day to be exact…) we reported on a company called Waciao, who recently unveiled a series of new devices, all of which were listed as HomeKit compatible.

This included the usual suspects, like smart plugs, a bulb, and some wireless switches, but among those were a smart roller blind motor, an IP camera and a video doorbell – all of which were listed on the company’s website as HomeKit compatible.

Now the company have made their presence know with their attendance at CES, and earlier today our friend Bing Feng Yeh discovered a few pictures taken by the company’s executive director at their booth which reveals not only the aforementioned products but a couple of new items as well.

As you can see from the pictures above, the company have a new IP camera available that isn’t currently listed on their website, along with the previously reported video doorbell, both of which are listed as HomeKit compatible. You can also make out the switches, smart bulb and roller blind motor in the rear of the middle picture, once again all HomeKit compatible.

The company do make other devices too, with a series of devices that require a gateway (“Gateway Series”), which include sensors and air quality monitor, along with other devices. The gateway works with the devices above using Zigbee, with logos for Bluetooth, Airplay 2, and even Thread, appearing on the booth display, so there could be further devices and integrations on the way. Hopefully, we’ll be able to report more closely on these devices after CES and will be doing a feature on the company’s lineup soon.

Thanks to Bing Feng Yeh and Kelvin Wu

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