Nanoleaf Canvas Updated to Bring Touch Control to Tiles

Nanoleaf have finally released their last beta firmware update, with the public availability of said update to their Tile accessory. This update, which we originally reported on back in early May. With this update, each tile can now be programmed to be a true HomeKit button, so each tile can now be programmed like any other switch, thus giving you access to single, double and long presses. If you multiply that by the number of Canvas tiles you may have, and that’s a lot of buttons!

Below is our brief video clip from May showing the beta form of this update in action;

The video displays the user triggering a lighting scene totally separate to the Nanoleaf canvas, with the change of colour coming from a Philips Hue bulb. The change is noticeable on the wall around the Nanoleaf installation, where the user changes the room lights from red to white and back. Below is Nanoleaf’s own video explaining it themselves, which also features the Vocolinc Flowerbud, still the only HomeKit enabled aroma diffuser on the market right now.

Aside from this major upgrade in usability, the update also allows users to backup and restore their data via Nanoleaf’s own Cloud sync system. You will now be able to restore all the settings for the device with the Nanoleaf app, after doing a hard reset. While it could probably have been predicted there would be additional functionality, given the panels were already touch-sensitive, to add the ‘single – double -long press’ functionality really has taken things in a new direction. Time to open the wallet…

Thanks to mszfcz for the video.

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