Aqara EU Smart Plug – First Look

CES may be taking the lion’s share of attention right now, but that doesn’t mean other stuff can’t be brought to you that would be of interest! In this particular case, Sebastian B, our seemingly never-ending source of all things Xiaomi, has sent us some pictures of a recently acquired Aqara EU Smart Plug. This particular smart plug, designed for the EU (obviously) isn’t currently available in mainland Europe just yet and was purchased via connections in Russia, where it is for sale right now. This would indicate a Europe-wide release isn’t too far off. For now, we’d like to show you a few photos so you know what to expect when it finally drops!

As with the recently released Mi smart Gateway, this product features, for the first time, the official Zigbee logo, along with ‘certified product’ text below. Both sides of the box show of typical features for the smart plug, including remote control, voice control, schedules, energy monitoring, smart automation, and overload & overheat protection.

The rear of the box has a sticker laid over the top, with Russian text for the basic technical specs of the device, which are;

  • Dimensions – 62 x 62 x 77.5mm
  • Wireless protocol – Zigbee 3.0
  • 250V @ 50/60Hz
  • Max 2300W / 10A
  • Operating temperature – 0 ~ 35ºC
  • Operating humidity – 0 ~ 95º%

The Aqara plug is circular in shape, and has, as standard, a physical power button on top, which would match the US version of the Aqara plug. The plug has a small LED at the front for indicating both power, along with pairing and connection status.

For the sake of comparison, Sebastian displays the Mi EU smart plug alongside the Aqara plug. Whilst the shape is clearly different, they essentially do the same job and work in the same way, and we’ve since had confirmation from one user who confirms the Mi EU plug is indeed also exposed to HomeKit.

As can be seen above, the Aqara EU plug is exposed to HomeKit, with the model number AP007.

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7 thoughts on “Aqara EU Smart Plug – First Look

  • I can confirm that my Mi Zigbee Plug works with homekit!

    • Thanks for the confirmation David! I’ll update the post to reflect this.

    • Great news!
      Few questions; hope you can answer some:
      – is plug internally different from the Asia version? I ask because I would like to connect it to my Homey. The Asia plus is already supported there.
      – does it have power measurement?
      – do you know where to buy the plug (in Russia or elsewhere)? Have a link to this shop?

      Again, thanks for the great news!

      • Hi Henk, I’ve passed your questions onto Sebastian who has the plug. I can tell you it does have energy monitoring, via the Mi or Aqara apps.

      • Ok, the model is different from the Asian one, but mostly externally, but they are listed as separate devices in Aqara’s database, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work with Homey. As for where to buy it, here’s a link to th official store;

  • Thanks for the review. It’s a product I’ve been waiting for…
    Can Sebastian tell us which server he is using in the Xiaomi app or the Mi Home App?
    Is it set to Chinese mainland or is it set to a European server.
    I live in Europe, but my Mi home app is set to the Chinese server (as with most if us, I suppose). So I hope this EU plug can be added like all my other Aqara equipment.

    • Hi Geest, at the moment the Mi Home app doesn’t support the EU Aqara plug, so until it’s supported, only the Aqara app can support the plug. When they do eventually add support in Mi Home, it’s unlikely to be able to be added to the China server, which is already the case EU Mi Smart plug.

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