Three New Aqara Ceiling Lights Announced For China

Aqara has announced a new trio of ceiling lights as part of their own H1 series, which also encompasses switches, outlets and even a hub. These new ceiling lights are only currently destined for the Chinese market, although as with many of their products, they may see an international release at some point in the next year.

The selection offers two circular ceiling lights at two different sizes, along with a rectangular light, pretty much in line with the previously released models that were part of a collaboration with Chinese lighting specialists Opple. As is the case with most of the company’s output, these are all compatible with Apple HomeKit, via an Aqara hub, meaning they use Zigbee as their wireless protocol. Interestingly, these lights also make use of Aqara’s MagicPair technology, which we first saw deployed with the Aqara Camera E1.

All of the Aqara H1 lighting range Ceiling Lamp claim an impressive colour rendering index of Ra98, enhancing the fidelity and saturation of illuminated objects. This high index ensures faithful reproduction of true colours, surpassing standard classroom lighting, for example. Even though these are designed for the white light spectrum only, they are compatible with Apple’s Adaptive Lighting feature, which adjusts the colour temperature throughout the day, to best reflect the time and typical use cases for warm, neutral or cool white.

Whilst the majority of the light from the LEDs is placed under the central section, there are also LEDs around the inside edges of the rim to provide more equally balanced overall lighting. With the rim of all three lights coming in at just 14mm in depth, these are designed to blend into the background a lot more than some other lighting products, including their T1M Ceiling Light which we’ll finally be reviewing in the new year.

The rectangular H1 light comes in at 960x620mm, whilst the circular lights are 500mm and 400mm in diameter. This puts the range above the company’s older L1-350 ceiling light, and pretty much on par in size with the T1/T1M, which is available in China in either 395mm or 495mm diameter sizes.

Unlike the L1-350 and the T1/T1M, the H1 series deploys a slightly different method of fitting the light to the ceiling, using a connector initially secured to the ceiling that allows the main light to then just clip onto the connector. This also allows the light to be sealed, preventing dust, hairs or insects from getting trapped inside.

The lights will reportedly go on sale via, although it was unclear at the time of writing as to the price of the lighting products.

Thanks to Eric at Wavetech for the tipoff.

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  • VERY annoying these aren’t available here in the UK. I cannot believe that there is nothing else that matches these specs in the whole world!!

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