Eve Announces First Matter over Thread Wall Outlet, and More…

German Smart Home product manufacturer Eve has unveiled its latest product, the Eve Energy Outlet. This smart outlet is compatible with the new smart home standard Matter and utilises Thread for WiFi-free connectivity. Featuring two independently switchable and automatable receptacles, the Eve Energy Outlet goes beyond by offering advanced energy monitoring functionality, aiding Apple Home and Samsung SmartThings users in tracking their energy consumption trends. The outlet, available in white, serves as a replacement for any existing North American-style (Type B) outlet and is suitable for both single and multi-gang installations.

The Eve Energy Outlet represents a brand new addition to Eve’s energy management product line, being their first in-wall solution. While the Eve Energy smart plug emphasises flexibility, the Eve Energy Outlet offers a more sleek and permanent alternative. Both options support app and voice control, remote access, scenes, and automations across all Matter platforms. The Eve app for iPhone and iPad, as well as the SmartThings app, allows users to monitor and control their energy consumption via both the Eve Energy and Eve Energy Outlet.

In conjunction with the Eve Energy Outlet, Eve will be releasing an updated version of the Eve Light Switch. The new Matter-enabled Eve Light Switch brings the convenience of connected lighting without the need to replace a single bulb. Lights can be effortlessly controlled via the app or voice commands. Working with other Matter devices with the use of scenes or automations, Eve Light Switch should simplify the setup of on-device schedules using the Eve app for iPhone and iPad. This allows lights to autonomously turn on and off without relying on a smartphone or internet connection.

Along with these impending releases, the company are also announcing The Eve Blinds Collection. This curated selection of made-to-measure smart blinds boasts Matter over Thread, ensuring optimal functionality. The Eve Blinds Collection is a carefully curated range of made-to-measure blinds featuring Eve MotionBlinds technology and, notably, Eve’s Adaptive Shading function. Accessible through the Eve app for iPhone and iPad, this function enables roller blinds with Eve MotionBlinds technology to automatically adjust based on the sun’s position, which we reported on last week, as an update for existing SmartBlinds customers. The high-quality fabrics available in semi-transparent and blackout options, along with insulating properties, also contribute to energy savings. Roller blinds from the Eve Blinds Collection will be exclusively available for order in the USA and Germany through the Eve Store.

The Eve Energy Outlet is set to hit the market on February 6th, available for US$49.95 through the Eve Store and The Eve Light Switch, featuring Matter technology, is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2024, also priced at US$49.95. Meanwhile, the Eve Blinds Collection will be exclusively available in the US and Germany through the Eve Store starting February 1st.

You can check out our written review of the Eve MotionBlinds as well as check out the video below;

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11 thoughts on “Eve Announces First Matter over Thread Wall Outlet, and More…

  • Do you know if there’s any word on the Eve Thermo Control? After 14 November has passed Eve communicated on Twitter they postponed it for about 3 weeks due to finalising firmware or something, but now a month later still nothing :/

    • Unfortunately I don’t have much direct communication with Eve, so I couldn’t tell you, but I’ll see if I can find any further information anyway.

      • I searched on their Twitter and sadly they replied to someone a couple of days ago they still need several additional weeks to finalise the firmware. I was hoping to get it before winter would start (when heating is needed most) but that’s not going to happen unfortunately.

  • Eve will take over!

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  • Sadly the switch does not support detached mode

    • Would you want a plug to detach? Definitely a safety concern.

      • ‘Detached’ in this case isn’t literally detached in the physical sense.

  • Eve ever promised to enable Matter via firmware update on all their thread enabled devices. So if they count the matter over thread light switch as a new product, does that mean they are going to break the promise of updating existing HomeKit over thread light switch to matter?

    • I think it’s unlikely they’ll not update the existing Thread switch, to me it’s the same situation as the Eve Plug where they just move to selling a Matter version instead of a HomeKit over Thread version, but updated the plug. I suspect the update for the current switch will be available around the same time as this new version is released.

  • I most look forward to Matter-over-Thread dimmers, likely from Inovelli, but Eve’s regular switches could also have a use: for for controlling the lights that plug into switch-controlled outlets.

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