Aqara FP2 Sleep Monitoring Option Rolls Out Internationally

Back in October, we reported on a new feature for the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 that would allow sleep monitoring. At that time, it appeared only Chinese FP2 models and servers were offering this new option, but it’s now beginning to roll out internationally, for all consumers, with firmware V1.2.3_0002.0059.

If you’re unfamiliar with the FP2, it serves as a presence sensor capable of detecting the presence of individuals, even when they’re stationary. This sets it apart from conventional motion sensors that typically rely on detecting movement. Moreover, the FP2’s detection capabilities are subdivided into up to thirty zones, functioning as individual presence sensors for specific areas or zones, showcasing the device’s remarkable versatility.

You can check out our review of the FP2 HERE, or watch our overview video below;

Aqara also stated that additional new features will also roll out in the coming months;

  • Sleep Monitoring Mode of the FP2 sensor is designed for single-person use, and it tracks data such as sleep duration, sleep stages, heart rate, and respiratory rate. The sensor’s sleep monitoring functionality helps users monitor and analyze sleep status, and the real-time heart rate and respiratory rate data can provide essential insights for elderly care. Moreover, the FP2 sensor can now be used to trigger automations based on the user’s sleep status, for example, to activate the customized go-to-bed or wake-up scene. As a non-wearable device, the FP2 sensor obviates the discomfort of wearing a sleep tracker all night.
  • AI Person Detection is a new feature optimizing the FP2 sensor’s Zone Detection functionality. Thanks to on-device AI, it distinguishes between human and other motion events, which can be caused by robot vacuums, pets, and even remote-controlled toy cars. This feature is designed to improve the zone detection accuracy and can be activated on Aqara Home (via Device Settings – AI Person Detection) after its availability.
  • People Counting is a new feature amplifying the FP2 sensor’s Zone Detection functionality. It provides real-time headcount and entry count data, and more data types will become available in the future. Once available, this feature can be activated on Aqara Home (via Device Settings – Advanced Functions).

At the time the first of these features rolled out in China, it was listed as free to users, although it also indicated it was likely going to be a chargeable feature at some point in the future. This is still the case with the rollout for the international FP2, but the company will likely treat it as a premium feature at some point.

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