Sesame Smart Lock to Get HomeKit Compatibility via New Bridge

Candy House, the makers of the Sesame smart lock, has today announced via their Twitter page that their hardware will become HomeKit compatible via their next generation bridge (which they referred to as an ‘access point’). The current bridge they have, that allows for remote connection to the Sesame lock, will not get an update, however, so if you own one of these smart locks along with their bridge, you’ll need to buy the new bridge if you want HomeKit compatibility.

If you’re not aware of the Sesame Smart Lock, it’s a device that simply fits over your current inner door mechanism, allowing for automated control without having to remove your current deadbolt or change your keys. Candy House currently offers two models – the Sesame, and the Sesame Mini, along with the bridge. The locks themselves provide all the usual functionality that regular smart locks can do, including shared access, remote access, temporary codes, push notifications etc., but as already mentioned, the big selling point is the simplicity of the installation, requiring no removal of your current lock.

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4 thoughts on “Sesame Smart Lock to Get HomeKit Compatibility via New Bridge

  • Hmm .. bridging to a lock doesn’t sound kosher to me.

    • It’s only for the purposes of remote access, which would be the same as the August Smart Lock, although bridge-less would be better of course!

  • Noted, but remote access or not, you cannot bridge to an ingress accessory over HomeKit. They could use a bridge to enable remote access using their own APIs, but remote access to a BLE door lock using HomeKit would require Apple TV, an iPad or the HomePod.

    • It is just another August smart lock but few years behind, I have installed August smart lock like a month or 2 ago, I love how I get home without taking out the keys and open it… I think my keys has been sitting in my bag for months already.

      Even its only saving me maybe 30 seconds of the time but when you have a babe or just shop for grocery, I can unlock it before I get off the car, this helps a lot.

      As for the bridge with the smart lock, it’s either built-in or external like this, if you want to access it with the internet.

      If people really concern about IOT, then we shouldn’t even bother using smartphone or even internet.

      I am looking forward for a smartlock that can unlock patio door.

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