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Eve Light Strip

Eve Systems has been making Apple HomeKit compatible products for years. They were one of the first Homekit compatible manufacturers and have brought us a suite of different accessories to deal with our power, air quality, and security smart home requirements.

The Eve Light strip is one of their first entries into the light accessory market and they have indeed announced their presence with authority. The Eve Light Strip is currently the brightest Light strip on the market measuring at a full 1800 lumens for the 2m strip. But as I would expect from Eve and their intention to detail, it’s not just about being bright. The light strip also does a great job on the low end as well as with colour saturation.

Some of the other small details that Eve brought us is the ability to control the transition speed as you change from one colour to another. In contrast to some other LED strips that simply snap to the target colour. Eve allows us to control the speed of the transition which although a subtle detail is one I really appreciate it.

All in all, I’m very happy with the Eve Light strip and would definitely recommend it as a great addition to people who have focused on Apple Homekit as their only Smarthome platform.