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Vimar Commando Smart Switch

  • Vimar 0K03906.03 radio frequency control kit Philips friends of Hue contains: 1 control 03906 four-button flat with radio frequency transmitter 2.4 GHz, standard ZigBee Green Power and friends of Hue, power supply Energy harvesting provided by the built-in electrodynamic generator, 1 support 21507.B, 2 keys 20506.B White, 1 Plate 2 Modules Eikon Evo 21642.17 White
  • Easy to install these controls interface m with Philips products allowing smart lighting management through the Philips application
  • No wired connections required: the signal is transmitted via radio and the power is derived from the power generated by pressing the buttons
  • Can be positioned anywhere, even on glass or wood, no need for wall art
  • No batteries needed, with full respect for the environment.

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