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Connecting Home Assistant to Apple HomeKit

There comes a time in every HomeKit user’s smart home journey where they say ” I really wish that X device had homekit support” but there’s no indication that the manufacturer has any intention of adding support for HomeKit. Although the HomeBridge project is a popular option for addressing this problem, I instead chose to go with Home Assistant. For those of you who don’t know, Home Assistant is an Open Source Project that runs on a Raspberry Pi (or PC) and is a complete Home Automation platform. One of the great features within Home Assistant is the ability to expose discovered devices out to Apple HomeKit, regardless of whether or not those devices actually have HomeKit support. In this video, we’re going to focus purely on getting Home Assistant up and running and turning on the HomeKit support. If anyone’s got any Home Assistant specific questions, I highly encourage checking out the Home Assistant website (, their Discord channel ( available on the website) or engaging with any of the content creators listed above who are definitely much further down their Home Assistant journey than I am. Hope you all enjoy this video and please remember to subscribe!

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