Friday Lock Updated to Include Wifi Connectivity

Friday Labs, the Scandinavian-based makers of the HomeKit-compatible Friday Lock, has updated the firmware to their lock to work with your Wi-Fi network without the need for a bridge, making it the only (as far as we’re aware) HomeKit smart lock to use Wi-Fi. Prior to this update, the Friday Lock would use it’s Bluetooth chip to connect to either your mobile phone, for a local connection or via an Apple TV or HomePod for remote access, as is the case with other smart locks in HomeKit.

Even though Friday Locks started out with the intention of using wifi, all the way back at launch, and again in 2018, via an email to registered users, nothing ever seemed to come of this proposal, until this new firmware update, that has only been noticed with a recent update to the app, which also details new functionality with the lock, including options for recurring or restricted invites, and a ‘Knock on Door’ option, which, according to the release notes works thus;

If you wish to grant access to visitor without having downloaded the Friday Home app, the new Knock on door solution will help you do just that. By activating the Unlock Access functionality in the Friday Home app, the Wi-Fi function will be initiated; giving your guest 60 seconds to knock on the door twice and you lock will open for them. Your guest must knock the door twice (to wake up Wi-Fi) after your [sic] have given access.

We’re currently testing our own Friday Lock to see how it performs, but for those users that are keen to get away from Bluetooth devices, that many people claim are slow to react, at least initially, then this could be the answer to those problems.

For more info, check out Friday’s new website –