Forthcoming Update to HomePass Includes NFC HomeKit Code Scanning

HomePass, The popular, but sometimes underestimated HomeKit code app is due for an update soon, which could make life even easier if you’re constantly concerned about losing those precious codes. In case you’re unaware of the HomePass app, it allows you to store all of your HomeKit codes in one central place, with the ability to quickly scan the codes, store then with additional details, like the home and room they’re located in, as well as add your own personal notes. You can even save these via the cloud and create your own printable spreadsheet via the export settings.

The forthcoming update will include an option to scan the code via NFC, so if your HomeKit device has NFC tech built-in, and your iPhone is the 7/7plus model or later, then you can simply put your phone near to the device and the code will be automatically picked up, and stored just as though you were scanning the code the traditional way. In the video above, you can see the HomeKit code gleaned from a Nanoleaf Tile setup, although the camera doesn’t actually scan a printed code, merely grabbing it via NFC.

This is a great addition to an already super useful app, that I use without fail every time I get a new HomeKit device, providing me with the knowledge that my codes are all safe in one super convenient place. You can check out our original review too, although the app has been added to constantly since then. So now I just need to update my old 6S Plus…

More info can be found on the HomePass website.

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