Aqara Rocker Switches Now Available in Gold and Silver!

If you’ve seen an of Aqara’s product line, you’ll be aware of the utilitarian approach to design, using plain, minimalist aesthetics for many of their products. The wired and wireless rocker switches are the epitome of this approach, with the button/s covering the front of the body, effectively making the whole face one giant switch(or switches in the case of the double rocker). Of course, these come in white, like all their other devices.

It seems, however, that white isn’t enough for some tastes, as a few stores on popular, International, Asia-based AliExpress has some stores selling gold and silver versions of these switches. What they look like ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, we’re not sure, but from the pictures we’ve seen, they’re not as bad as you’d imagine, although it all depends on the surrounding decor. We’re also not sure if these are officially Aqara sanctioned as such, as they’re not displayed on either Aqara’s international or Chinese websites.

Currently, it would seem that only the wired versions of these switches are available in these two finishes, but they’re HomeKit compatible (via the Aqara hub), so if your home needs a bit of ‘bling’, then you can check them out in this AliExpress store, although we must warn everyone that we don’t vouch for this or any other particular store on AliExpress, and take no responsibility for any issues that may arise from purchasing via that website.

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2 thoughts on “Aqara Rocker Switches Now Available in Gold and Silver!

  • There’s a few gold wireless Aqara switches on AliExpress. The reviewers have included photos and are overall pleased.
    I’m not too sure whether sliver/gold plastic will look good on a wall.

    • Thanks, I’ll have to have a look to make sure whether someone mentions that they work with HomeKit like the ‘official’ ones do.

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