New Philips Hue Lineup Due Autumn 2019

As first reported on Dutch website, new Hue products are being prepared for launch this autumn, just as they did previously with the outdoor lighting product we first mentioned last July.

It would seem they’re planning on bringing out three types of Filament bulb, one in the normal modern shape (E27)we see in most of today’s light bulbs, a larger variant of this bulb (G93), and a more pear-shaped bulb (ST19), that harkens back to the older, ‘turn of the century’ type designs. Even though there’s scant news on these two lights, as they’re only branded as Philips (from the images we’ve seen at least) suggests they may not require the Hue Bridge to work, which in turn means they’d be unlikely to be HomeKit compatible. However, these bulbs are reported to use Bluetooth as opposed to Zigbee, which is traditionally the case for Hue products, so it’s entirely possible that Philips are taking things in a different direction – possibly Bluetooth mesh? – which could still include HomeKit.

There’s also news of an update to their popular mood light, the Hue Go, which will come as a 2nd Gen model. What improvements we’ll see, we’re not sure, other than probably a better location for the power cable, which, if you’ve ever owned one of these lights, isn’t the greatest.

Here’s the information found on the aforementioned website regarding new products, (release dates and spec could change of course);

  • GU10 (white) new design with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 36, 1st week September 2019)
  • GU10 (white ambiance) with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (week 36)
  • GU10 (white & color) with Bluetooth: 59.95 (week 36)
  • Hue White Filament with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 37, 2nd week September 2019)
  • Hue White Filament Edison with Bluetooth: € 24.95 (week 37)
  • Hue White Filament Globe with Bluetooth: € 29.95 (week 37)
  • Candle E14 with Bluetooth: € 19.95 (week 37)
  • Hue GO V2 with Bluetooth: € 79.95 (week 40, early October 2019)
  • Fugato spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (week 37, 2nd week September 2019)
  • Argenta spot (multiple configurations): from € 89.95 (week 37)
  • Centura recessed spot (multiple configurations): from € 64.95 (week 37)
  • Adore mirror lamp (multiple configurations): from € 149.95 (week 45, beginning of November 2019)
  • Adore bathroom spot (multiple configurations): from € 49.95 (week 45)
  • Smart Plug: € 29.95 (introduction date unknown)

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