Savant Pro Remote Officially Listed – Available Late June

After having announced a slew of HomeKit enabled products at the end of last month, including an Airplay 2/HomeKit amplifier and smart thermostats, the Siri compatible Pro Remote, also mentioned in this lineup, has now officially made its way to the Savant website detailing many of the capabilities of this product, which first and foremost includes Siri integration.

Savant states that you can “use Siri to control your Apple TV and extend the footprint of controllable devices through Apple’s HomeKit”. So this will allow you to pretty much do everything you can do with the Apple TV Remote or a HomePod (you will need one of these devices nonetheless), whilst also giving you control of other non-HomeKit devices supported within Savant’s own automation platform, all from the one remote unit.

This includes Sonos audio devices, cable TV separate from Apple TV, like DirecTV and of course lighting and other smart home device automations. The remote allows you to create individual profiles to give everyone in the family their own personal remote, with everything they love a tap or voice command away, something which neither Apple TV nor HomePod can currently offer in iOS12.

The Pro Remote, like most other remote controls, has a series of buttons for various basic tasks, like volume and channel, but it also has a built-in mic, a voice command button to speak to Siri, and a large full colour, glass touch screen display. The remote also comes with a charging dock.

As regards availability, we’ve been told that the official release date is on or shortly after Jun 16th, although as that’s only a week away, things could easily be delayed, and the date pushed back. More information available via Savant’s website –

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3 thoughts on “Savant Pro Remote Officially Listed – Available Late June

  • its not clear, that will be a standalone remote, or this need to be tied to a savant host? Do we need a dealer to instal this? if so, that was born already dead.

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  • Yes, I’m, confused which model this is. There are revisions 1000 & 2000 already. Is this a new model revision or the existing model? Is this just a software update or a new hardware model? I can’t find any model information on the Savant website. The current support manual for revisaions 1000 & 2000 doesn’t mention HomeKit nor Siri.

    I’m not located in the US so buying this without proper information is very risky.

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