Yeelight Planning Four New HomeKit Compatible Desk Lamps and More Bulbs

We’ve only just passed the halfway mark of 2019, and in that time we’ve seen a flurry of activity related to HomeKit from many Chinese companies, most of which are under the Xiaomi umbrella. One such company, Yeelight, only recently announced updates to some of their lighting products to bring HomeKit compatibility, as well as a forthcoming HomeKit compatible Bluetooth Hub for their Bluetooth Mesh bulbs.

It now looks like they’re taking further steps to embed their brand into the HomeKit world, with new versions of their current bulbs, with the same 1S suffix on two of them, that was used for the recently released Mi Desk Lamp 1S, which brought HomeKit goodness to an award-winning and very popular desk lamp. These new bulbs are already in the Mi Home app and labelled as Yeelight LED Bulb 1S (White), Yeelight Filament Bulb and Yeelight LED Bulb 1S (Color). Our inside source has confirmed that these will all be HomeKit compatible, just like the current Gen 2 bulbs, ceiling lights and the light strip will be. There will also be five (yes count ’em) new ceiling lights that will all also work with HomeKit, although we’ve very little information on those at present, let alone images. The big difference between the new 1S bulbs and ceiling lights compared to the current products is that they’ll also have Bluetooth built-in, as well as Wifi. This is in line with what Philips Hue’s new bulbs have also changed with their upgraded bulbs, although as with the new Hue Bluetooth/Zigbee bulbs, it’s unlikely that these products will be using Bluetooth Mesh, as Yeelight already have a line of lighting with Bluetooth mesh in mind.

Whilst the bulbs are already in the Mi Home for all to see, our inside man was able to dig up four more devices, that according to the internal codes he found, will all be HomeKit compatible.  Each of these devices are lamps of different types, with two desk lamps with the ‘Vision’ monicker – Vision and Vision Pro and a table and floor lamp, named Doris and Doris F. As for the latter of the last two, we assume the F in Doris F refers to Floor, as it’s a floor lamp. UPDATE New official names for the four lamps have now surfaced, so the Vision is called the Yeelight LED Light Sensor Desk Lamp V1, the Vision Pro is now Yeelight LED Light Sensor Desk Lamp V1 Pro, the Doris F is Yeelight Star Floor Lamp and finally, the Doris is Yeelight Star Table Lamp.

There’s no news on when these will see the ‘light of day’ (pun intended), and whether they’ll come with HomeKit compatibility out of the box, but by our quick calculations, if you include the bulbs and strip light that are already on sale, this would make a total of 10 HomeKit Yeelight lighting products, or 13 if you include the forthcoming Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 and the two ceiling lights we mentioned recently – and that doesn’t include the Bluetooth Mesh lights that will work with the forthcoming HomeKit enabled Bluetooth Mesh hub – Wow!

Thanks to Sebastian B for the tipoff!

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