EU Aqara G2H Listing Surfaces Online

Whilst North American HomeKit enthusiasts have been finally able to get their hands on the Aqara G2H Camera hub, their European counterparts were left empty-handed, wondering when the EU would get its own camera, complete with a suitable power adaptor. Well, it seems the wait could soon be over, with Scandinavian online store Webhallen now listing the European version of the G2H, with a reported delivery date of November 6th (that’s 2020, in case you were wondering…).

The G2H can also be found on, although it’s almost certainly the case that these are for the Chinese version, given that all four colour options are offered, with the EU/US/International version only being available in White. Whilst there has been a mixed record of products launching on the listed dates with online stores like this, the date does roughly tally with Aqara’s own claim that the EU version would be launched in November, so it’s a fair bet that this is accurate. Webhallen has the G2H listed at 799 Swedish Krona (converted to roughly €77.50), although we expect the price will probably float around the €70 mark.

If you’re not at all familiar with Aqara or the G2H, the company are currently at the forefront in terms of HomeKit compatible switches and sensors, with nearly all of their child devices using Zigbee, which in turn communicate with a central ‘hub’ that then gets the aforementioned child devices exposed to HomeKit. What’s even better with the Aqara G2H, is that not only is the G2H a fully compliant HomeKit enabled camera that’s compatible with HomeKit Secure Video, but the camera also has a built-in hub. This is great news for those who’ve yet to dip their toe into the Aqara ‘pool’ of products, as you get the camera and hub in one package, allowing you to bypass the need for a separate Aqara hub.

Still, the Aqara hub currently available does a lot of things the camera can’t, which includes an alarm system exposed to HomeKit (the G2H has an alarm system, but it’s not exposed to HomeKit), and full-colour night light.

You can check out the Swedish listing here. In the meantime, you can check out our overview video for the G2H above, or Eric Yao’s review of the Chinese version below;

Aqara G2H Gateway Camera – HomeKit Edition (review)

If you happen to be in North America, you can still order the US version of the G2H from