Cielo Add Siri Shortcuts Compatibility for AC Controller Lineup

Redmond, WA-based Cielo WiGle Inc. has added Siri Shortcuts compatibility to their smart app, which in turn allows control of their range of Smart AC controllers. If you’re unaware of Cielo, they have three main products, all of which are able to control a variety of different AC devices via Infrared (IR).

One of these is the Breez Plus, which can be wall-mounted or be sat on a flat surface with the help of a stand. Whilst this may sound like a similar product to the Tado Smart AC Control, the Breez Plus, in addition to the two placement options mentioned, can also be wired up via regular 12/24v wiring, for a more visually clean, permanently powered solution. The company also make the Breez Eco, that provides similar functionality, only without the onscreen display, so it’s more suitable for voice or app control.

Both the Breez Plus and Eco can control all manner of AC units, including Mini Split ACs, Ceiling Cassette ACs, Portable, floor or free-standing AC units, as well as Window AC units, and PTACs. However, as they simply rely on IR for control, they can even control portable dehumidifiers. The only requirement is that the aforementioned devices come with an IR based remote control, with the Breez devices effectively replacing the remote in addition to adding app, and voice control.

While many of our readers may be slightly put off by the fact that these don’t have HomeKit compatibility, with Siri Shortcuts along with the company’s own app, you can achieve much the same level of control, minus interactive communication with other HomeKit devices, unless you’re able to create your Siri Shortcuts to include other HomeKit devices.

As the Breez Plus has a full display, controlling your AC units physically takes care of those of your household that either doesn’t have a smartphone to hand, or prefer to control the AC manually. In addition to Siri Shortcuts support, the Cielo range also works with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google (née Google Assistant/Google Home). The company’s app, where you can program your Siri Shortcuts, also offers a lot of functionality with remote access, a 7-day programmable schedule, geofencing capabilities, Air Filter status, zone control, energy monitoring, action timeline, and more.

The company is currently having a sale via their website, where you can pick up the Breez Plus for US$109 (RRP U$149), or the Breez Eco for US$68 (RRP US$99), in addition to a one-time 5% discount when you first visit the site and subscribe.

You can find more information on the company’s website –

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