Eve First Past The Post With Adaptive Lighting Update

One function that many have been waiting for since it was announced back at WWDC 2020, was Adaptive Lighting, which allows suitable bulbs, lamps or strips to change their colour temperature throughout the course of the day to assist in both relaxation (in the evening) and productivity (in the daytime).

Whilst this new function wasn’t available at the launch of iOS14, some companies have been preparing their products to take advantage of this feature, and now Eve has become the first to implement it via a firmware update for their sole product that can make use of it, the Eve Light Strip.

Whilst Hue has been found to be beta testing this functionality with select users, Eve has essentially pipped them at the post, although whether all the other relevant companies will now proceed to add this functionality to their own lighting products, we’ve yet to see, as it does require a firmware update.

Eve does have another lighting product in the Eve Flare, although we aren’t sure whether this fits the bill, as it’s more of a mood light than a day-to-day product that you’d expect to use over the course of a day, like a bulb or light strip. You can pick up the Eve Light Strip on for just under U$80. The Eve Light Strip is far from the cheapest but is currently one of the brightest, with a massive 900lm per metre, giving you a total maximum of 1800lm for the 2m strip, and more via the strip extensions, sold separately.

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