Aqara EU Hub – First Look

One of our colleagues in Stockholm, Sweden has finally managed to get his hands on one of the first EU versions of the Aqara hub and has generously shared some images with us, so we can share them with you! In a quick test, the user was able to add the hub to the Mi Home app with the EU server without any issues and the device came with the latest firmware available already installed, which for both the EU and US versions is 1.5.9_000. The usual set of sensors and switches etc. were all also available to be added, although, in the screengrab, they show a US smart Plug, not an EU plug, which according to Aqara’s Facebook page, is still in development.

Our colleague also mentioned that both his Chinese and EU sensors & buttons (Mijia and Aqara) work fine with the new hub set to the EU server, although he hasn’t tested everything yet, but what is great for him personally is that with his Roborock Vaccum, which he has already added to the EU server in Mi Home, now allows him to use it in combination with the sensors and switches that also work with HomeKit via automations, triggers or with simple button presses.

If you happen to be in Sweden, then the place that seems to have this item in stock is although other stores have it listed, and there’s a strong possibility that other stores across the EU will now have it in stock.

Thanks to mszfcz for the images and screengrabs.

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6 thoughts on “Aqara EU Hub – First Look

  • Can u please share online stores where the hub can be bought?

  • This is great news! Curious to read more on your friend‘s experience during the next days. It will be interesting to see if the EU hubs running on the EU server will have full functionality incl. alarm etc.

  • This plug is very similar to our standard here in Brazil… Looks like the type-c fits without any issues in type-n

  • Any sign of a UK Hub?

    • Hi John, if you’re referring to the current Aqara hub, at this point, I doubt they’re going to release a dedicated hub with a UK plug now, as the new M2 will probably be out in September. The good news is that this hub uses a standard micro USB cable that either plugs into a separate USB power supply, or if not, can just be replaced by any micro USB power supply and UK USB plug.

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