Rio Heating Introduce World’s First Convector Heater For HomeKit

UK-based Rio Heating is set to release their HomeKit compatible Convector Heater, the Rio Arc. As far as we’re aware, this will be the world’s first convector heaters with HomeKit compatibility, and despite not sounding very glamorous, actually looks rather sleek and modern.

The sleek, super-slim curved glass finish of the ARC adds a stunning modern look to your home or office. The Arc features a sleek, super-slim curved glass finish, looking almost like a widescreen TV when mounted on the wall, and utilises a unique heating element that the company claims can reduce heating costs by up to 40%. The Arc works with Apple HomeKit but is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assitant.

The company also go on to say that “One of the features that set the ARC apart from standard heaters is the direct link between the in-built Wi-Fi and the dedicated Rio servers. This means you don’t need any other expensive devices to connect your ARC to Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.”

The Arc system also has Multi-Room functionality, which allows you to add multiple Arcs, but all either individually or collectively controlled.

Rio is aiming to get the Arc out and available to consumers by March, and will be selling for UK£249.00. For more information, visit Rio’s website –

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