Hive Updates Thermostat With Siri Shortcuts Support

Back in May, we reported on the possibility of Hive, the UK thermostat manufacturer, updating their devices (or rather their supporting apps) to include support for Siri Shortcuts. However, many users of Hive products were quite vocal in stating this had been a promise by the company for a long time, along with suggested support for HomeKit which never materialised.

Well, the good news is that whilst HomeKit support isn’t anywhere to be seen, Siri Shortcuts now seems to be a reality, at least as far as one user on the HomeKit subreddit is concerned. u/fatboyslick stated that they had;

Just opened the Hive app and got a notification that it supports Siri Shortcuts for its Quick Actions eg boosting the heating, turning heating off, controlling its plugs etc

To the best of my knowledge this is new!

As the user mentions, if you’re already using the Hive app, you should get a notification that allows the Hive app’s own  Quick Actions section to be used to create a shortcut. As I’m in Asia I’ve no chance to check this out for myself, even though I’ve downloaded the app, but if anyone has had a chance to mess around with the new functionality, do drop us a line and let us know how it all works, and if it indeed works well.

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