Hive UK Thermostat – Potential HomeKit Support in 2019

Whilst there are quite a few choices for HomeKit enabled thermostats, one particular brand that’s already quite popular in the UK is by Hive, with its ability to control hot water as well as central heating. Hive’s thermostat already works with Amazon Alexa, although HomeKit support has so far not been forthcoming.

However, as recently reported on, HomeKit integration may be coming towards the end of 2019, with a question posted to the Hive forum, in which one user asked if and when HomeKit support will be available. The response from Hive was

”We are very aware that you and the rest of our loyal customers have been waiting a long time for us to become compatible with Apple HomeKit. “We have been working really hard in the background to make this happen and we’re really pleased to say we are committing to delivering this in 2019!”

As many of you are aware, this is far from being a guarantee of HomeKit coming to a given product, as we’ve seen with Ring and a couple of other companies, whos promises of HomeKit integration have so far come to nothing, however, it’s better than nothing one could argue, and as it stands Hive already works with Siri Shortcuts, so this is a fair indication of how Hive is at least facing in the right direction.

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