Meross Releases its First Contact Sensor

If you’re aware of Meross, you’ll know they cover a lot of bases in the smart home, and even though they’ve only recently started expanding into the sensor side of things, with a couple of smoke alarms and a leak sensor, a new contact sensor can be added to that small list.

Contact sensors are widely available these days of course, so this isn’t going to be anything groundbreaking, and whilst it doesn’t use Bluetooth (thank god…), it also doesn’t use Thread, instead opting for RF433MHz, which is what some of their other devices use to connect to the company’s proprietary hub. The hub then exposes the devices connected to it via standard 2.4GHz WiFi, like most hubs. This does offer a decent 18-month battery life however, but the hub itself only supports up to 16 devices, and if you don’t already have the hub, you’ll need that in order for the sensor to work.

It is HomeKit compatible via the hub of, course, although the hub is not (yet) Matter certified itself, unlike their recently released Matter-enabled smart plug.

With so many choices on the market now, some of which are either now or will be both Matter and Thread certified (Eve’s offering is one), it would seem that unless you’re into Meross enough that you already have the hub, but don’t happen to have any contact sensors, then this might be a purchase to consider.

It’s currently available via Meross’ own online store, priced at US$22.99 for the sensor and hub, or US$17.99 on its own.

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