ZemiSmart Releases First Thread/Matter Curtain Motor

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Only a couple of weeks back it was reported (by our colleagues from that ZemiSmart was preparing to release two new Matter-compatible devices, namely a roller shade motor, and a curtain motor. Both of these products, whilst utilising Matter, were doing so via WiFi. Now the company has released its very first device Matter enabled product that also uses Thread instead of WiFi or Zigbee.

The ZemiSmart Curtain motor is a mains-powered motor and track system that totally replaces existing curtain rails, so it does need to be within reach of a mains outlet. However, the motor itself contains a battery that is designed to keep the motor online and connected for up to 7 days in the event of a power outage.

As it uses Thread, it only requires a Thread Border Router in order to connect to your smart home setup, which in the case of Apple is a HomePod (2nd gen), HomePod Mini, or Apple TV (2021 model or 2022 model with 128gb). If you’re using Google, Amazo, or SmartThings, then you’d need to use their Thread Border Routers, with Samsung releasing its first device of this type in the shape of the SmartThings Station, which we’ll be reviewing soon.

The curtain motor includes curtain tracking that comes in sections of different sizes, all able to be connected to ensure you get as close to the width of curtain rail required. The motor also has three different speeds, and can even open and close with a gentle tug on the curtains, which then allows the motor to take over. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole package also includes a mini remote control for when you want manual control at a distance.

We’ve been testing this motor since January, and it does everything you expect of it, although with a product such as this, it does require a modicum of skill to install it, due to the rails needing to be secured to a wall or ceiling.

You can find out more on this product via Zemismart’s own online shop, where you can purchase the motor in different size configurations from 2.1m / 82.6in up to 5.1m / 200.7in.

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