Qingping’s Thread Motion Sensor Available in the US

After initially going on sale in China this May, Qingping’s latest Apple Home-compatible product, the Qingping Motion & Light Sensor T, is now available on for just US$24.99, undercutting the Eve Motion – the only other Thread motion sensor currently available – by almost 50%.

The Qingping and Eve offerings both come with Motion detection and ambient light sensor capabilities, and although both also utilise Thread, only the Eve Motion now offers an update to Matter over Thread, allowing it to work with other platforms, like Google, Amazon, and SmartThings, which wasn’t possible with Eve products prior to Matter.

Qingping has been non-commital as to when or if a Matter update will be issued for their products, which also includes their Temperature and RH sensor T, which we did a video review of recently.

In its defence, the Qingping is a lot smaller and comes with a pretty decent magnetic mounting option, with the main sensor being magnetic all by itself, meaning it can be attached to most metallic surfaces, or even with the use of a provided double-sided sticker.

Both products include batteries, with the Eve Motion using two AA batteries, and the Qingping using two CR2450 batteries, with the latter claiming a two-year battery life.

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