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Avia Smart Lock

We simply want to give you the best smart lock ever, and that’s why our design team have analysed every detail and put our lock through the most rigorous of test environments to give you a product that is genuinely exceptional. That’s not just smart… it’s pure genius.

Security Features

The Avia secure smart lock boasts a range of innovative and class-leading security features and benefits.

  • Works with Bluetooth 5.0, strong connection stability and maximum Bluetooth range
  • In the unlikely event of any outage, you can still use your existing manual key
  • Has an IP rating of IP54
  • Provides a complete audit trail of lock activity
  • designed and tested to PAS 24:2016
  • Heavy-Duty Zinc castings
  • Protected against ‘man in the middle’ attacks
  • Secure Apple HomeKit encryption
  • Password strength protocol
  • Lock status alerts
  • Works on doors with a 44mm – 70mm width
  • Works with split spindle and fixed spindle multi-point locksets
  • Operates on a standard 92mm PZ centre measurement format
  • Compatible with most UK multipoint locks

Additional features

  • Add and manage up to ten users
  • No wiring required works on 4 AA batteries with a low battery indicator
  • Simple manual key override always available when required
  • Access remotely literally anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection
  • Provide temporary or permanent access codes to users
  • No fussy, cumbersome battery back system. Your existing manual key will still work.
  • Total peace of mind

more info at aviasmart.com

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