Yeelight Announce Matter Lighting Products and Curtain Opener at CES

Yeelight, the smart lighting manufacturer, has unveiled some new products at CES 2023, along with one that we reported on late last year, many of which will work with the new smart home standard you’ve been hearing about – Matter.

Known for high-quality smart lighting products as well as a few other smart home devices, the company showcased three specific product lines, with products including the upcoming Cube Smart Lamp for entertainment, an Automatic Curtain Opener for home automation, and a new Smart Scene Panel, as well as Magnetic Track Lights for their Pro smart lighting series.

Yeelight has several product portfolios for both the consumer market and professional smart lighting solutions. Under the former, Yeelight has branched out into Yeelight Home for daily use, and Yeelight Fun for entertainment. The latter, known as Yeelight Pro is primarily designed to meet the needs of professional whole-house smart lighting design and application.

The company has already promised integration with Matter, which was first announced at the Matter Protocol specifications press junket in Oct. and the launch of CSA (the Connectivity Standards Alliance) Media events, on Nov. 3rd, in Amsterdam.

At CES, Yeelight reveals that the Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp will come with Matter certification. This modular lamp series contains three unit types: Spot, Matrix, and Panel, which can be assembled like Lego bricks for use on users’ desktops etc. The lamp will offer multi-dimensional fun as well as flexible interactions thanks to Matter.

Aside from the ‘entertainment’ lineup, there’s Yeelight Home – the company not only introduces for the first time the Yeelight Automatic Curtain Opener but also reveals its plan to launch a string of updated Matter-compatible smart bulbs in the near future.

As for Yeelight Pro, the entire portfolio will also support Matter with a simple OTA update before Q2 2023. this includes a wide range of pro lighting options like spotlights, downlights and track lighting.

Finally, the company releases its Smart Scene Panel which will all be available for the global market and a new Presence Sensor that also includes a standard PIR sensor for both fast and accurate detection. All of these work via the company’s Yeelight Pro Hub, which will also be getting an OTA update for Matter support.

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