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New AirPlay 2 Audiophile Streamers Announced From WiiM

WiiM, an audio focussed company we’ve featured in the past, with their WiiM Mini (review HERE, video HERE), has announced two new products for release later this year; The WiiM Amp Pro, which is an upgrade to the existing WiiM Amp, and a brand new product, the WiiM Amp Ultra.

Starting off with the latter, this new digital amplifier offers a whole host of streaming options, including the all important AirPlay 2, as well as built-in services from the likes of Amazon Music, spotify, and much more. What sets the Ultra apart from the other models, is a full colour touchscreen display, a first for WiiM. The display will show not only album art for the currently playing track or album, but widgets, and other settings for the amp itself.

The rear is a bit of a monster, with stereo phono inputs and outputs, as well as an output for a subwoofer, and a coaxial output. There are SPDIF inputs and outputs for digital connectivity, an HDMI ARC connection, and a LAN port if you want a wired connection. There’s a USB port for playing back audio from a memory stick too.

For network connectivity aside from the ethernet connection, the WiiM Ultra also offers WiFi 6E, but you can also directly connect to the amp as it has Bluetooth 5.3 built in.

Alongside the WiiM Ultra is an upgrade to the existing WiiM Amp, unsurprisingly named the WiiM Amp Pro – not to be confused with the WiiM Pro, which we reported on a while ago. Design wise, the Pro version looks pretty much the same on the outside as it’s predecessor, with all the changes on the inside. So, like the Ultra, the Pro gets both WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 (the current model offers WiFi 5, and Bluetooth 5.0), and better SNR (signal to noise ratio).

The price points for both are quite high, with the Ultra coming in at approximately US$329 (no doubt partly due to the full colour touchscreen), and an even higher US$369 for the Amp Pro, up from the WiiM Amp’s price of US$299.

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