Aqara Release Dual Relay T2 Internationally

Today, Aqara introduced its latest addition to the relay portfolio: the Dual Relay Module T2. This two-channel relay boasts a compact design that seamlessly fits into various wall boxes. It serves as a versatile and retrofit solution, enabling users to control and automate an extensive array of electrical devices, including lights, motorised window coverings, boilers, garage doors, electric heaters, and more. You can now find the dual relay module for purchase on Aqara’s official Amazon brand stores in North America (US, Canada) and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK), as well as through selected Aqara retailers worldwide.

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Operable with both AC and DC power sources, this two-channel relay offers compatibility with both wet and dry contact modes. Its versatility empowers users to integrate their existing non-smart electrical appliances into their smart home setups. Notably, it accommodates wet contact scenarios such as wall outlets and switches, which include applications like controlling lights, fans, and roller shades. Additionally, the Interlock Mode ensures secure management of bidirectional motors, such as tubular roller shade motors.

In addition, the Relay T2 features a Dry Contact Mode that supports both pulse and on/off switching. This mode proves invaluable in controlling electric devices and appliances like garage doors, boilers, and more, enhancing the overall flexibility and utility of the product.

Built upon Zigbee 3.0, the Relay Module T2 not only supports Matter-over-bridge, but is also compatible with major platforms such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. It lets users control their electrical appliances remotely or through schedules, voice assistants, customized scenes, and automations. Moreover, the Zigbee protocol reduces the idle energy consumption of the relay and enhances its responsiveness. The relay also serves as a repeater of the Zigbee network, strengthening the network’s reliability.

The Relay T2 includes power metering functionality, providing users with a valuable tool for monitoring and effectively managing their home’s energy consumption. This feature empowers users to make informed decisions regarding energy usage. Additionally, it enables users to trigger Aqara Home automations based on the power status, such as the on and off statuses of lights. This functionality opens up exciting new possibilities for home automation, allowing for more customized and energy-efficient smart home setups.

Furthermore, the relay prioritises safety with its built-in protective features. These include overheat protection, which prevents the device from reaching unsafe temperatures, overload protection to safeguard against excessive power demands, and a configurable power limit, which allows users to set their desired power thresholds. These safety measures collectively provide users with peace of mind, ensuring a secure and reliable experience when incorporating the Relay T2 into their smart home systems.

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11 thoughts on “Aqara Release Dual Relay T2 Internationally

  • Curious about how this works with Homekit with regards to options like the garage door setup. The instructions are clear about how to wire the dry contact, however I can’t find anything indicating how to (or if you even can) set it to expose to Homekit as a garage door device. The dry contact option is great, but if it still can only show up in Homekit as a switch then it’s rather less useful than it could be. Ideally this can be wired with a contact sensor (or even paired with one of Aqaras wireless contact sensors), and even the obstruction sensor since it has two sensor inputs, and exposed as one garage door device to homekit.

    • Exactly, I wonder it too for controlling roller shutters. Kinda useless if it’s just a switch in HomeKit.

  • This would be perfect if it had an ETL or UL safety certification. But it looks like it only has the C E self-certification, unless I missed it somewhere. 😥

    • I’ll double check and let you know. I don’t have one here, but I can hopefully find out for sure.

  • The shelly plus 2pm is cheaper and is platform agnostic

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  • The Shelly 2.5 is still years ahead and cheaper 🙂

    • Unfortunately have to disagree. A lot of them died on me after few months

  • Could you maybe forward a question to Aqara if this relay can be shown as roller shutter in HomeKit? Would be awesome

    • I’ll do my best with my contact at Aqara and see what they know or can say.

    • It seems you are able to use the Aqara Dual Relay 2 to control smart shades via their original switch. Hope that helps.

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