Yale Reveal New HomeKey Smart Lock and More…

Yale has revealed two new deadbolt smart locks as part of its Assure range, following on from 2021’s release of the Assure Lock 2. This comes at a time when there still seem to be questions over whether the company will be releasing its long-promised Matter over Thread module for not only the Assure 2 but some older locks too.

The first of these two locks is the Yale Assure 2 Touch, which features a fingerprint sensor built into the logo above the keypad. As with the original Assure, the Touch comes in Keyed and Key-Free options and can connect to Apple Home via Bluetooth or WiFi, depending on the model you prefer. The Touch comes in three finishes – Black Suede, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Nickel.

The Yale Assure Plus offers Apple HomeKey functionality as standard, although there’s no fingerprint sensor included. The Plus also doesn’t come with a Keyed option, only keyless with a touchscreen, and the aforementioned Apple HomeKey as entry options in addition to app or automation control. The Plus is also offered in Bluetooth and WiFi variants. The Plus appears to only come in Satin Nickel at this time.

The ‘Touch’ is available to purchase now from for US$199.99 (Bluetooth) or US$279.99 (WiFi), whilst the Plus is available for an extra ten dollars, priced at US$209.99 (Bluetooth) or US$289.99 (WiFi). The Yale Assure 2 is still listed as available, priced at US$179.99 (Bluetooth) or US$259.99 (WiFi).

It would seem that this puts to bed any notion that the Yale Assure 2 will ever get Apple HomeKey functionality, with a large question mark over when (or if) a Matter over Thread module will be available to purchase separately.

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