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Temperature-Based Automations in HomeKit

So you’ve got a temperature sensor that works with HomeKit. Now what? Well, there are not many options in the Home App, but we can use other apps to get the most out of HomeKit and our temperature sensors! In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up temperature-based automation using the Eve app that will turn on a box fan (for my dogs) if the temperature in the house gets above a certain level.

Products used in this video:

FROM AMAZON: Aqara Gateway Hub (with US adapter plug):

Aqara Temperature Sensor (requires Aqara Gateway Hub):

4 thoughts on “Temperature-Based Automations in HomeKit

  • It won’t work well. The event will be triggered only by crossing the set value, and in many situations this is not enough.

    Should use Eve for iOS 10 (it is in the App Store and works with iOS 13 beta) and set “ANY” (Change) in the trigger. You can also use, for example, Fibaro Home. Value ranges should be set in the Condition.

    Each time the trigger value is changed, rule run and the condition will be checked, and the scene invoked or not. This is how you can do, for example, a thermostat that works properly.

    • You are correct the temperature itself is not a sufficient trigger and did not work with my Ecobee 3 Sensor. However, I did not find the ANY (Change) in the trigger – even using the Eve Legacy App. Now going to try Fibaro Home.

  • Impossible to trigger a Xiaomi plug. Temperature is not updated as it should be. Do you know how can I fix it? I use Mi home app with a Aqara Hub.

    • Hi, are you trying to turn the smart plug on when the temperature sensor reaches a certain temperature? Also, just to double-check – are you trying to do this automation in HomeKit or via Mi Home app?

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