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Eero Homekit Secure Networking: Deep Dive

Having lived with the Eero HomeKit Secure Networking for a few weeks now, I wanted to come back and try and answer some of the questions that came up during the first release.

Hopefully, this will help to answer some of the outstanding questions but I’m fairly sure that it will raise some more of them as we see Homekit Secure Networking appear on other platforms. (Linksys Velop looks like the next one in line).

Bottom Line – After living with this for a couple of weeks and turning it on and off without losing my Homekit Home I’m a lot more comfortable with Eero’s implementation of Homekit Secure Networking and generally with the new Homekit functionality.

I still have concerns about the scalability of the Eero system and most likely won’t be able to run it long term because of the size of my network, but if you’re a normal user, I think that Eero and the HomeKit Secure networking can definitely add some ease of use and security to your smart home.

If you missed the first looks at the Eero HomeKit Secure networking check out the video here

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If you’re looking to pick up the Eero Homekit Secure networking enabled access point you can find that here.

2 thoughts on “Eero Homekit Secure Networking: Deep Dive

  • You mention you won’t be able to use eero long term due to the size of your network. Why? How big is your network? How many nodes?

    If you switch to something else, what would it be?

    • Hi Jack, I’ll make Chris aware of your question, but you may get a faster response from posting the question directly in the comments section of the video on YouTube. Chris always replies, so you will get an answer.

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