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iHaper B2 White Smart Bulb

Letting you all know I did recieve this light bulb as a review unit. Opinion is still totally my own but wanted to make sure you knew.

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You can find the iHaper Bulb directly at the following link

iHaper B2 White Light Bulb –

When we first looked at the iHaper Light strip awhile back, I was hopeful that iHaper would continue to release quality Homekit supported products at a lower price. The iHaper White Light bulb is the latest addition to the iHaper Homekit supported family and also supports Google and Alexa Smarthome which means that we can buy this product for one SmartHome and change our minds later. Or even better, we can connect it to multiple SmartHome’s at the same time and get the best of both (three?) worlds!

The iHaper app isn’t the the most stable in the world, but it does work for the one major thing I needed which is the firmware management on the bulbs and life strips.

Although this isn’t the brightest bulb available, it’s a great low-cost product that allows you to place white bulbs in any room in the house without breaking the bank.