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The ZemiSmart Wave Contactless Smart Switch

This is our (very quick) look at the new ‘Wave’ contactless smart light switch from Zemismart. In this video, I go through the basics of the switch, and how it works, although I wouldn’t call this a full review, as because the switch requires a neutral wire – which my switches don’t have – I was unable to test this on a day-to-day level, only in a ‘test’ environment. This means I don’t provide any pros or cons, other than to say in all the tests I did do when filming the video, I had zero issues with response, or even connection with the hub, which was quite far away in this case, and separated by a large wall.

You can buy the switch directly from Amazon or ZemiSmart via the affiliate links below;

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2 thoughts on “The ZemiSmart Wave Contactless Smart Switch

  • Interesting device: thanks for the demo!

    I’m not a big fan of icons on switches, either, but I do think the handwave one is useful in office/commercial settings and for visitors as it’s easy to explain and can keep people from trying to press the button. Or wondering why it turns on when they just get close.

    My experience with other similar technology is that if there’s any way for a cat to get close to it, say while lying on a nearby shelf and stretching, or even jumping onto a counter in front of it, they will trigger it. So if you have cats that’s just something to be aware of.

    Also, we tried a similar one in the kitchen but it was too close to a cabinet and it would get triggered when someone would go to get something out of the cabinet.

    So placement is really critical for these, just as it would be for a motion sensor.

    • I was shown the design of the switch before it went into production, and I did suggest that whilst the hand icon would look fine in public spaces, or commercial properties, it would look a bit tacky in a home situation. They didn’t seem to heed my advice, which is their prerogative.

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