Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro – First Look

Being in China, I’ve managed to get my hands on the new Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro, the latest in a series of lighting products from Smart Lighting company Yeelight, who are doing great things at the moment in terms of smart lamps. I’ve only had the lamp for a day, so it’s a little early to give my thoughts on the product, but here’s a more detailed ‘first look’ at some of the parts of  the lamp. Enjoy!

The packaging, as always, is really nice and clean.

Here’s the desk lamp in place on my desk. I really like the design. Even though it’s designed to imitate a traditional lamp shade, it still has a very modern and clean look.

The ‘shade’ part of the lamp can be angled, within 30ºs, so you can have it ‘flat’ or facing down or at the 30º angle in the 2nd pic – or any angle inbetween the two of course.

The lamp has LEDs that shine down from the bottom of the ‘shade’ section, but the light also escapes out of a transluscent ring at the top of the shade. The underside of the base of the lamp has 3 rubber feet to keep it from slipping around on smooth surfaces as well as being home to the HomeKit code, which means, unlike the recently updated Yeelight bulbs and strip, you can add this lamp directly to HomeKit, without using the Mi Home or Yeelight apps, although adding the light to either app does give you extra use cases.

The Pro version of the lamp includes a built-in, Qi-compatible wireless charger. I attempted to charge my EarPods case, but it can’t charge them at this time.

The power supply is much the same as the ones they use for the other lamps they make, like the Mi Desk Lamp Pro and the Mi Bedside Lamp II.

If you’re outside of China, you can still order the lamp from places like GearBest, AliExpress etc.

Eric Yao

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5 thoughts on “Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro – First Look

  • I was very interested in the Pro version as it would be my first time delving into wireless charging and the convenience looked perfect. But I’ve just been reading that Apple has disabled their 7.5W fast charge on some Qi chargers.
    As per Macrumors:
    Apple may be limiting 7.5W wireless charging to pads using fixed-frequency voltage regulation as of iOS 13.1.

    Can you confirm if this is so on the Yeelight?
    Or if it does still do fast charge on iOS 13.1


  • I asked Gearbest and they claim it supports fast charge on iOS 13.1.
    It would be nice if HomeKitNews can confirm 🙂

    • Hi, it doesn’t seem to support fast charging. In our tests the charging is quite slow.

    • I try to be honest with you. We bought two lamps to test it. They are broken somehow. Wireless charger refuse to work properly.

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