LifeSmart Officially Announce HomeKit Compatibility

LifeSmart, a company many of our readers probably won’t be too familiar with, have been making smart home products for a while now, and when we first got our hands on a few of their devices (all reviewed and listed within this site), they were HomeKit compatible, albeit unofficially, via a bit of beta software within their own LifeSmart app. That functionality was eventually pulled, leaving anyone who subsequently bought their products hoping for HomeKit support, high and dry, with only users who had already set everything up before the beta software was pulled being able to continue to use their products with HomeKit.

Finally though, after what seemed like the impossible, LifeSmart has gone through with certification and now have compatibility with HomeKit – all officially. For many of their devices, you’ll need their Smart Station or Smart Station Pro, which, much like other companies that use bridges or gateways, is the access point for their devices to get exposed to HomeKit.

Amongst the many products they have, there are motion sensors – possibly the smallest ones ever in fact – Curtain controllers, leak sensors, smart plugs, Smart Wall switches, environment monitors, light strips and bulbs, and contact sensors. One device we have four of here, is the LifeSmart Spot, which is not only a night/mood light but is also a smart IR blaster that can be taught to replicate any IR remote control to then control your other devices.

We’re not sure yet whether the original devices will work with HomeKit, as they did before, but in an official capacity, or whether new versions of these devices will be released, but we’re hoping to hear from LifeSmart on this subject soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out the reviews and listings for the LifeSmart devices we’ve covered so far HERE.

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