Aqara Debuts First Matter over Thread Contact Sensor

Aqara unveiled their latest innovation today, the Door and Window Sensor P2, leveraging the cutting-edge Thread protocol. Serving as an upgraded version of their renowned contact sensor, the Door and Window Sensor P2 seamlessly integrates many of the advanced automation and security functionalities synonymous with the original Aqara Door and Window Sensor*. Moreover, it enhances compatibility with a wide range of smart home systems by natively supporting the unifying Matter standard. The new sensor is now available in the Company’s Amazon brand stores in both North America (US, Canada) and Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK), as well as via selected Aqara retailers worldwide.

Aqara is offering a 15% discount for the new device on its Amazon brand stores, and the promo codes and product links are as follows. The offer is valid through July 8th.

* some planned features of the Door and Window Sensor P2 require an Aqara Thread border router and the Matter-enabled Aqara Home app – both of which will be made available in early 2024.

Aqara’s introduction of the Door and Window Sensor P2 marks the beginning of their new Thread product lineup, presenting users with the opportunity to harness the superior connectivity and energy efficiency offered by the Thread protocol. This sensor showcases the remarkable capabilities of Thread, providing robust, low-latency, and mesh-capable communication for all smart home devices. Furthermore, the Door and Window Sensor P2 is designed with native Matter support, enabling effortless integration with a wide range of Matter-enabled ecosystems, such as Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, SmartThings, or Home Assistant. With the Matter-based smart home, users can enjoy local automation, enhancing responsiveness, stability, and security.

The versatile P2 sensor serves multiple purposes and finds utility in a wide array of scenarios. Primarily, homeowners can bolster their security systems by incorporating this contact sensor, ensuring timely alerts in case of any potential threats being detected. This feature grants homeowners peace of mind, knowing they will be promptly notified. Additionally, the P2 sensor seamlessly integrates into diverse home automations, such as automatically turning off the thermostat when a door or window is left open. This functionality enables homeowners to optimize energy usage and maintain a comfortable living environment.

In contrast to other Aqara Zigbee devices, the P2 sensor establishes a direct connection with any Matter-enabled Thread Border Routers available on the market. It seamlessly integrates into multiple Matter-enabled ecosystems through the use of additional Matter controller(s). Thanks to the unified Matter standard, the integration between Aqara’s existing Zigbee devices and the new Thread device can be achieved seamlessly. By configuring the Zigbee devices with one of Aqara’s Matter-enabled hubs, users can connect both Aqara’s Zigbee and Thread devices through any Matter-enabled apps and create customized home scenes and automations. As the Aqara Thread Border Router is not currently available at the time of the Door and Window Sensor P2 launch, establishing a connection with a third-party Thread Border Router becomes necessary to enable Matter support for this new Thread sensor and ensure compatibility with other Matter products. This includes working in conjunction with Aqara’s own Zigbee devices through existing Matter-enabled Aqara hubs like the M2.

Aqara has exciting plans to introduce its inaugural Thread Border Router, the Hub M3, in early 2024, accompanied by an update to the Aqara Home app to provide Matter support. The M3 hub will possess the capability to not only connect and control Aqara’s Zigbee and Thread devices but also manage third-party Thread products. Additionally, when the Door and Window Sensor P2 is paired with the Aqara M3 hub, several unique features will become available. These include a tamper alert function, adjustable sensitivity ranging from 1 to 3 centimetres, and a programmable button that can be utilized to trigger personalized home scenes or automations. These enhancements aim to provide users with an even more comprehensive and tailored smart home experience.

To extend battery life and ensure uninterrupted usage, the P2 sensor is equipped with a high-capacity 1400mAh CR123 battery. This larger capacity allows for prolonged usage without the need for frequent battery replacements. Furthermore, the sensor offers effortless and flexible installation options. It includes an adhesive that securely mounts the sensor without causing any damage to the wall upon removal. For added convenience and flexibility, an alternative thin magnet plate is also provided as an alternative installation method, catering to various user preferences and requirements.

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4 thoughts on “Aqara Debuts First Matter over Thread Contact Sensor

  • I wonder if Matter over Thread has a method for configuring device settings the way Zigbee does… Naturally, Aqara wants you to bind their Zigbee products to one of their hubs and use the Aqara app to configure them, but of course this can be done without an Aqara hub or the Aqara app by using a third-party Zigbee solution like Deconz (and others). It would be suboptimal if the only way to configure this new Matter-over-Thread sensor truly is limited to the yet-to-be-released Aqara M3 Thread border router hub, especially since this sensor being IP-based should conceivably make such things easier…

  • Why is it so large compared to their previous (non-Thread) sensor? I think I’ll wait for the upcoming Tuo sensor, which appears to be more compact.

    • It uses a different type of battery – CR123A – presumably for longer battery life. This design was already in use with thr P1 contact sensor, which I’ve been using for about a year, but it was only ever released in China, so the design isn’t new.

    • Yo creo que es tan grande porque han querido ponerle un botón, personalizable para ejecutar rutinas cuando salga su hub M3!! y asi ponerse a la altura de la competencia con el sensor de Switchbot !!

      Para mi, es un error !! el diseño diminuto de su sensor Zigbee super ventas era muy bueno, simplemente deberían haber sacado mismo diseño pero compatible con Thread!!
      O al menos sacar dos versiones, una con botón y otra sin botón pero diminuta como su anterior sensor Zigbee!!

      Estos sensores son muy poco estéticos, son cosas que se pegan en las puertas y ventanas, y cuanto mas pequeño sean y mas desapercibido pasen mejor !!!

      Un saludo

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