Matter Update Adds Support For Switchbot Lock

With the release of Switchbot’s own Matter-compatible Hub 2, the company took a significant step towards Matter compliance, and by extension, Apple HomeKit. Now the company Has apparently released a firmware update for their Switchbot Lock that makes it Matter compatible via said Hub 2.

This update means that the lock is now officially exposed to Apple Home for the first time, and as it’s Matter-compatible, it should also be exposed to other Matter-capable platforms, like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. However, some of these platforms are still playing catch-up when it comes to support for some areas of Matter, including hubs/gateways, so it’s far from certain if the lock will be exposed to these other ecosystems via the hub.

For those with the Hub 2 and the smart lock, you’ll need the following;

  • Switchbot app – V7.3
  • Hub 2 firmware – 1.0-0.8
  • Lock firmware – 6.5

The Switcbot lock is available in two finishes – Black or Silver, and can also be used with the company’s keypads, one of which also has a built-in fingerprint sensor. Just be aware that this update notification was via Switchbot Japan, so it’s entirely possible that the update has yet to arrive for other territories.

You can check out our written review of the Switchbot Hub 2, or you can watch the video below;

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  • Except that their Matter is terrible. Requires the Hub 2.0 that doesn’t even connect to routers that make use of a passphrase. So you can’t have any spaces in your password. Their other hub did it. The 2.0 one…….doesn’t. I got rid of it because they don’t seem to have any plans on fixing the firmware.

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