Mijia Add New HomeKit Ceiling Light to Lineup

Following on from the release of two HomeKit compatible Yeelight Ceiling light fixtures in August, Mijia, the brand name for Xiaomi’s collection of Smart Home products, are set to release a new ceiling light fitting of their own. The uninspiringly named Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light will work with the Mi Home app, Yeelight app, and of course Apple’s own Home app, which follows the recent pattern with lamps and bulbs issued either by Mijia or Yeelight – Yeelight is in fact the manufacturers of this latest offering, as is the case with the Mi Desk Lamp Pro and Mi Bedside Lamp 2.

Whilst there are a lot of ceiling lights from Yeelight and Mijia, there still aren’t many that are HomeKit compatible, but that will soon change with the likes of Aqara also planning, in conjunction with a company called Opple, to introduce more ceiling lights around the start of 2020.

What makes this current Mi Ceiling light of some interest is that it can also work in conjunction with Xiaomi’s own Mi Band fitness watches. Essentially, once paired with your Mi Band, the light will turn off automatically when the Mi Band reports that you are sleep, with what we assume is measured by your heart rate/rhythm.

The 450mm wide Ceiling light is also designed to work with Yeelight’s own Bluetooth remotes and dimmers, as well as the forthcoming FLEX switches by Yeelight. The company revealed these new switches earlier this year, although there’s still not a lot known about them at this time. The light will only be white but will allow for four different temperature settings – 2600K, 4000K, 5200K and 6100K, in addition to a special low light that acts as a night light.

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